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Course Title Award
American Politics & Foreign Policy (Z236) GradDip
American Politics & Foreign Policy (Z234) MA
American Studies (Z006) GradDip
American Studies (Z043) MA
American Studies (Z135) PhD
Anglo-Irish Literature & Drama (Z011) MA
Applied Linguistics (Z229) GradDip
Applied Linguistics (Z227) MA
Archives & Records Management (Z020) MA
Art History & Cultural Policy (Z108) MLitt
Art History & Cultural Policy (Z119) PhD
Art History, Collections & Curating (Z344) MA


Course Title Award
Classics (Z044) MA
Classics (Z109) MLitt
Classics (Z121) PhD
Creative Writing (Z012) MA
Creative Writing (Z197) MFA
Cultural Policy & Arts Management (Z245) GradDip
Cultural Policy & Arts Management (Z041) MA


Course Title Award
Drama & Performance Studies (Z014) MA


Course Title Award
English, Drama & Film (Z110) MLitt
English, Drama & Film (Z123) PhD
European History (Z222) MA


Course Title Award
Film Studies (Z032) MA


Course Title Award
Gender, Sexuality & Culture (Z162) MA
Global History (Z347) MA


Course Title Award
History (Z160) GradDip
History (Z111) MLitt
History (Z125) PhD
History of Welfare & Medicine in Society (Z240) MA


Course Title Award
International War Studies (Z258) MA
Irish Folklore (Z086) HDip
Irish Folklore (Z257) HDip
Irish Folklore & Ethnology (Z255) GradDip
Irish Folklore & Ethnology (Z253) MA
Irish History (Z264) MA
Irish Literature and Culture (Z349) MA
Irish Studies (Z195) MA
Irish, Celtic Studies & Folklore (Z112) MLitt
Irish, Celtic Studies & Folklore (Z216) MLitt
Irish, Celtic Studies & Folklore (Z127) PhD


Course Title Award
Languages, Cultures & Linguistics (Z113) MLitt
Languages, Cultures & Linguistics (Z129) PhD
Linguistics (Z003) GradDip
Linguistics (Z028) MA
Literature & Culture (Z251) MA


Course Title Award
Media & International Conflict (Z193) GradDip
Media & International Conflict (Z137) MA
Medieval Studies (Z182) MA
Modern Languages (Z202) MA
Music (Z114) MLitt
Music (Z131) PhD
Musicology (Z045) MMus


Course Title Award
Nua-Ghaeilge (Z181) GradDip
Nua-Ghaeilge (Z263) GradDip
Nua-Ghaeilge (Z029) MA


Course Title Award
Public History (Z247) MA


Course Title Award
Scríobh & Cumarsáid na Gaeilge (Z165) GradDip
Scríobh & Cumarsáid na Gaeilge (Z030) MA


Course Title Award
Theatre Practice (Z243) MA


Course Title Award
Writing for Stage and Screen (Z351) MA
Writing for Stage&Screen (Z353) GradDip
Writing for Theatre (Z249) MA