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Vet Medicine (Graduate Entry) (BHVET004)
Degree : Veterinary Medicine (MVB) College : Health & Agricultural Sciences
Level : Undergraduate Coordinator : Deirdre Campion

The Programme will be organised into two stages- Stage 1 comprising the first two semesters and Stage 2 the remaining 6 semesters. During Stage 2 students will take combined modules with students on the Veterinary Medicine programme aimed at school-leavers.
In Semesters 1 and 2 of the programme students will build on their knowledge of the basic biological sciences by taking modules designed to demonstrate how this knowledge is applied in the practice of veterinary medicine, and gain a firm grounding in animal welfare, behaviour and handling. A key objective will be to ensure that students have the required knowledge, skills and competences to progress to Stage 2. Students will be required to demonstrate competence in animal handling before being allowed to progress. Enquiry/problem based learning approaches will form part of the core curriculum and will ensure that the clinical context for the application of basic scientific principles is clear. Generally, these offerings will involve a mixture of keynote lectures, interactive seminars/tutorials, and practical classes.
Semesters 3 and 4 will see students begin their study of disease processes, again using a mixture of enquiry-based and didactic methods. This will continue in Semesters 5 and 6, along with an introduction to the clinical sciences and extra-mural clinical experience. Semesters 7 and 8 will involve clinical rotations in the UCD Veterinary Hospital, along with clinical electives chosen from a menu offered internally or in collaboration with partner organisations.

     Stage 1   Information
(60 Programme Credits, 0 Elective Credits)
Core   Information  
VET30330Cells, Tissues, Organs and DevelopmentSemester One5
VET30360Neurobiology and structures of the headSemester One5
VET30420Cardiovascular & Respiratory SystemsSemester One5
VET30430Animal Behaviour & WelfareSemester One5
VET30490Professional SkillsSemester One5
VET30500Cell metabolism and dynamicsSemester One5
VET30350Practical and applied animal nutritionSemester Two5
VET30370Locomotion and exerciseSemester Two5
VET30390Reproductive biologySemester Two5
VET30400Digestive physiology and integrated metabolismSemester Two5
VET30440Abdomen & Pelvis- Topographical AnatomySemester Two5
VET30340Food animal systems and applied animal breedingYear Long Module5

     Stage 2   Information
(80 Programme Credits, 0 Elective Credits)

     Stage 3   Information
(60 Programme Credits, 0 Elective Credits)
Core   Information  
VET30060Veterinary Public Health ISemester One5
VET30070Veterinary Clinical Reproduction 1Semester One5
VET30080Veterinary Clinical NeurologySemester One5
VET30090Veterinary Clinical UrologySemester One5
VET30100Veterinary AnaesthesiaSemester One5
VET30450Vet Clin Endo, Metabol & DermSemester One5
VET30140Veterinary Public Health IISemester Two5
VET30150Veterinary Clinical Musculoskeletal SystemSemester Two10
VET30170Veterinary Herd Health and Population MedicineSemester Two5
VET30190Veterinary Clinical Reproduction IISemester Two5
VET30480Senses, Exotics & Crit CareSemester Two5

     Stage 4   Information
(100 Programme Credits, 0 Elective Credits)
Core   Information  
VET30260Clinical Extra-mural ExperienceYear Long Module40
VET40260Anaesthesia and Diagnostics Multi SpeciesYear Long Module10
VET40270Equine Clinical StudiesYear Long Module5
VET40280Farm Animal Clinical StudiesYear Long Module10
VET40290Small Animal Clinical StudiesYear Long Module15
VET40300Small and Large Animal SurgeryYear Long Module15
VET40310Veterinary Elective RotationYear Long Module5

Curricular information is subject to change