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Science (BHSCI012)
Degree : Bachelor of Science (BSc) College : Science
Level : Undergraduate Coordinator : Annette Forde

     Stage 1   Information
(65 Programme Credits, 0 Elective Credits)
Core   Information  
ARCH1001JIreland - Landscape, Heritage and CultureSemester Two5
BDIC1001JCompendium of Chinese Modern HSemester One0
BDIC1002JMorality, Ethic Cultivation anSemester One0
BDIC1003JPhysical Education 1Semester One0
BDIC1014JLinear Algebra (Engineering)Semester One5
BDIC1029JMaths (Engineering) 1Semester One5
BDIC1030JMaths (Engineering) 2Semester One5
BDIC1005JMilitary TheorySemester Two0
BDIC1006JMilitary TrainingSemester Two0
BDIC1007JPhysical Education 2Semester Two0
BDIC1015JUniversity PhysicsSemester Two5
BDIC1031JMaths (Engineering) 3Semester Two5
BDIC1032JMaths (Engineering) 4Semester Two5
BDIC1008JCollege English (Band One)Year Long Module0
BDIC1009JCollege English (Band Two)Year Long Module5
BDIC1010JCollege English (band three)Year Long Module5
BDIC1011JCollege English (band four)Year Long Module5
COMP1004JIntro to Prog Construction 1Semester One5
COMP1003JIntroduction to Software (B)Semester Two5
COMP1005JIntro to Prog Construction 2Semester Two5

     Stage 2   Information
(55 Programme Credits, 0 Elective Credits)
Core   Information  
BDIC1016JPrinciples of MarxismSemester One
BDIC2002JDiscrete MathematicsSemester One5
BDIC2004JPhysical Education 3Semester One0
BDIC2005JProbability and StatisticsSemester One5
BDIC2008JUniversity Physics 2Semester One5
BDIC1004JAn introduction to Mao Zedong thought and the system of socialism with Chinese characteristicsSemester Two0
BDIC2003JSocial PracticesSemester Two0
BDIC2006JPhysical Education 4Semester Two0
BDIC2007JInt'l Prog English 2Semester Two5
COMP2002JData Struc and Algorithms 1Semester One5
COMP2005JObject-oriented programmingSemester One5
COMP2006JOperating SystemsSemester One5
COMP2001JComputer NetworksSemester Two5
COMP2003JData Struc and Algorithms 2Semester Two5
COMP2004JDatabases and Info SystemsSemester Two5
COMP2008JSoftware EngProject 1 (B)Semester Two5

     Stage 3   Information
(60 Programme Credits, 0 Elective Credits)
Core   Information  
COMP3008JDistributed SystemsSemester One5
COMP3011JMobile ComputingSemester One5
COMP3013JObject-Oriented DesignSemester One5
COMP3017JSoftware MethodologySemester One5
COMP3019JWeb Application Develop WebSemester One5
COMP3033JComputer GraphicsSemester One5
COMP3009JInformation RetrievalSemester Two5
COMP3018JSystem Des & VerificationSemester Two5
COMP3028JSoftware Proj ManagementSemester Two5
COMP3029JSoftware Systems ArchitectureSemester Two5
COMP3030JSoftware Engineering ProjectSemester Two10

     Stage 4   Information
(60 Programme Credits, 0 Elective Credits)
Core   Information  
COMP3005JAgile ProcessesSemester One5
COMP3007JDesign PatternsSemester One5
COMP3010JMachine LearningSemester One5
COMP3014JPerformance of Comp SystemsSemester One5
COMP3025JAugmented and Virtual RealitySemester One5
COMP3031JSecurity & PrivacySemester One5
COMP3006JCloud ComputingSemester Two5
COMP3032JDegree ProjectSemester Two15
COMP3035JAdvanced Program ConstructionSemester Two5
COMP3036JParallel & Cluster ComputingSemester Two5

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