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Degree : Actuarial&Financial Stud(BAFS) College : Science
Level : Undergraduate Coordinator : Mark Rogers
Credits Required: Stage 1:60  
Stage 2:60  
Stage 3:60  
Stage 4:60  

Actuaries are typically employed in the financial services sector where their role is to understand the nature of risk and find ways to manage it.

     Stage 1   Information
(50 Programme Credits, 10 Elective Credits)
Core   Information  
ACC10040Financial Accounting 1Semester Two5
ACM10070Mathematical Modelling in the SciencesSemester One5
COMP10010Introduction to Programming ISemester One5
ECON10720Microeconomics for BusinessSemester One and Two5
ECON10760Macroeconomics for BusinessSemester Two5
FIN20010Principles of FinanceSemester One5
MATH10130Introduction to Analysis for Economics and FinanceSemester One5
MATH10120Linear Algebra with Applications to EconomicsSemester Two5
MATH10140Advanced Calculus for Economics and FinanceSemester Two5
STAT10060Statistical ModellingSemester Two5

     Stage 2   Information
(50 Programme Credits, 10 Elective Credits)
Core   Information  
BMGT30300Business StrategySemester One5
FIN30170Corporate Financial ManagementSemester One5
MATH20130Fundamentals of Actuarial and Financial Mathematics ISemester One5
MATH20210Fundamentals of Actuarial and Financial Mathematics IISemester Two5
STAT20110Probability TheorySemester One5
STAT30240Linear Models ISemester One5
STAT20100Inferential StatisticsSemester Two5
STAT20150Fundamental Concepts in Ac SciSemester Two5
STAT30250Linear Models IISemester Two5
Options   Information  
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COMP20010Data Structures and Algorithms ISemester One5
ECON20080Economic Policy AnalysisSemester One5
ECON30290Advanced MicroeconomicsSemester One5
ECON30190Public Economics: Government Spending, Taxation and Public ChoiceSemester Two5
MATH10320Mathematical AnalysisSemester Two5
MATH20260The Mathematics of GoogleSemester Two5
MATH20270Theory of GamesSemester Two5
MST30070GeometrySemester Two5
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MATH20180Foundations for Financial MathematicsSemester Two5
MIS30040Analytics ModellingSemester One5

     Stage 3   Information
(60 Programme Credits, 0 Elective Credits)
Core   Information  
FIN30170Corporate Financial ManagementSemester One5
MIS30080Information Management for ActuariesSemester One5
STAT30010Time SeriesSemester One5
STAT30080Models - Survival ModelsSemester One5
STAT30090Models - Stochastic ModelsSemester One5
STAT30290Workplace Skills for BAFSSemester One5
STAT30150BAFS Professional Work PlacementSemester Two30

     Stage 4   Information
(55 Programme Credits, 5 Elective Credits)
Core   Information  
FIN30150Financial Economics ISemester One5
FIN30160Financial Economics IISemester Two5
STAT40020Actuarial Statistics ISemester One5
STAT40060Actuarial Mathematics 1Semester One5
STAT40550Actuarial Risk Management I Semester One5
STAT40560Actuarial Risk Management IISemester One5
STAT40070Actuarial Statistics IISemester Two5
STAT40100Actuarial Mathematics 2Semester Two5
STAT40570Actuarial Risk Management IIISemester Two5
STAT40580Actuarial Risk Management IVSemester Two5
Options   Information  
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ACC20010Financial Accounting 2Semester One5
ECON30100The Economics of Health and Health PolicySemester One5
ECON30150International Money and BankingSemester Two5
ECON30190Public Economics: Government Spending, Taxation and Public ChoiceSemester Two5
FIN30030International Financial ManagementSemester One5
FIN30080Financial Institution ManagementSemester Two5
FIN30190Behavioural FinanceSemester Two5
STAT40400Monte Carlo InferenceSemester One5
STAT40380Bayesian AnalysisSemester Two5

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