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BSc Radiography (BHRAD001)
Degree : Bachelor of Science (BSc) College : Health & Agricultural Sciences
Level : Undergraduate Coordinator : Jonathan McNulty

Diagnostic radiographers are responsible for producing high-quality images to assist in the diagnosis and treatment of disease.

     Stage 1   Information
(50 Programme Credits, 10 Elective Credits)
Core   Information  
ANAT10110Clinical Human Anatomy ISemester One5
ANAT10120Clinical Human Anatomy IISemester Two5
PHYC10140Diagnostic Imaging: Clinical Application of Radiation and Radiation ProtectionSemester Two5
RDGY10060Introduction to Imaging Technology: RadiographySemester One5
RDGY10090Healthcare Imaging and Information SystemsSemester One5
RDGY10100Study Skills and Professional Skills (Radiography)Semester One5
RDGY10110Practice of Radiography 1Semester One10
RDGY10030Clinical Practice of Radiography 1Semester Two5
RDGY10070Practice of Radiography IISemester Two5

     Stage 2   Information
(50 Programme Credits, 10 Elective Credits)
Core   Information  
ANAT20010Clinical Human Anatomy IIISemester Two5
PHYS20040An introduction to Physiology: Human cells and tissuesSemester One5
PHYS20020Introduction to Neurophysiology and Endocrine PhysiologySemester Two5
PHYS20030An Introduction to Physiology: Organs and SystemsSemester Two5
RDGY20070Practice of Radiography: FluoroscopySemester One5
RDGY20170Technology of Radiography: EquipmentSemester One5
RDGY20210Tech of Rad: RIS/PACSSemester One5
RDGY30370Radiographic Image AppearancesSemester Two5
RDGY20180Clinical Practice of Radiography 2Year Long Module10

     Stage 3   Information
(50 Programme Credits, 10 Elective Credits)
Core   Information  
PATH30070Mechanisms of DiseaseSemester Two5
RDGY30290Practice of Radiography: Advanced TechniqueSemester One5
RDGY30300Clinical Practice of Radiography 3-1Semester One10
RDGY30310Clinical Practice of Radiography 3-2Semester One10
RDGY30590Computed TomographySemester One5
RDGY30320Introduction to ResearchSemester Two5
RDGY30530Paediatric RadiographySemester Two5
RDGY30580UltrasoundSemester Two5

     Stage 4   Information
(60 Programme Credits, 0 Elective Credits)
Core   Information  
FLME41020Legal Medicine (Radiography)Semester One2.5
PATH30010Systematic PathologySemester One5
RDGY30100Magnetic Resonance ImagingSemester One5
RDGY30120Professional CompletionSemester One5
RDGY30620Nuclear MedicineSemester One5
RDGY30630Technology of Radiography QA (2.5)Semester One2.5
RDGY30280Clinical Practice of Radiography 4Semester Two10
RDGY30090Radiography Research ProjectYear Long Module10
Options   Information  
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RDGY30600Cardiac Interventional Imaging (Erasmus)Semester Two15
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RDGY30400Erasmus Radiography (abroad) Semester Two15

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