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BSc Midwifery (BHNUR002)
Degree : Bachelor of Science (BSc) College : Health & Agricultural Sciences
Level : Undergraduate Coordinator : Denise O'Brien

Midwifery is a career for those interested in people and for those with ambition to become professionals with unique skills in the care of women and their newborn infants.

     Stage 1   Information
(55 Programme Credits, 5 Elective Credits)

     Stage 2   Information
(50 Programme Credits, 10 Elective Credits)
Core   Information  
NMHS20080Care and Practice in the Specialist ServicesSemester One5
NMHS20420Patient Safety, Microbiology, InfectionSemester One5
NMHS20470Contemporary Midwifery Practice Part BSemester One5
NMHS20560Broadening Clin Learning (M)Semester Two30
PHAR20030PharmacologySemester One5

     Stage 3   Information
(50 Programme Credits, 10 Elective Credits)
Core   Information  
NMHS31960Deepening Clin Learning A (M)Semester One25
NMHS31550Comp in Preg Childbirth PuerpASemester Two5
NMHS31560Comp in Preg Childbirth PuerpBSemester Two5
NMHS31570Care of the Sick NeonateSemester Two5
NMHS32070Deepening Clin Learning B (M)Semester Two5
NMHS32290Ethical&Legal Context Prof PraSemester Two5

     Stage 4   Information
(60 Programme Credits, 0 Elective Credits)
Core   Information  
NMHS30280Teaching and Assessing in the PracticumSemester One5
NMHS30290Management and Quality ImprovementSemester One5
NMHS31260Complications in Pregnancy, Childbirth & Puerperium Part CSemester One5
NMHS31290Promoting Normal BirthSemester One5
NMHS32470Hlth&Soc Aspects of Midw PractSemester One5
NMHS31320Clinical Placement Part 4C Semester Three5
NMHS31340Clinical Placement Part 4D Semester Three5
NMHS31350Clinical Placement Part 4ESemester Three5
NMHS31300Clinical Placement Part 4A Semester Two5
NMHS31310Clinical Placement Part 4BSemester Two5
NMHS30970Evidence Based Practice for HealthcareYear Long Module10

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