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BSc Biomed, Health & Life Sci (BHMED004)
Degree : Bachelor of Science (BSc) College : Health & Agricultural Sciences
Level : Undergraduate Coordinator : Ronald Watson

If human health and disease research interests you, this exciting new degree will provide you with the fundamental knowledge and skills you require.

     Stage 1   Information
(55 Programme Credits, 5 Elective Credits)
Core   Information  
ANAT10110Clinical Human Anatomy ISemester One5
ANAT20030Basic Tissues & Early DevelopSemester One5
ANAT10120Clinical Human Anatomy IISemester Two5
CHEM10050Basis of Organic and Biological ChemistrySemester Two5
MDSA10210Science Medicine and SocietySemester Two5
PATH10010Translational Research Semester One5
PATH10020Basic Principles of Cell BioloSemester One5
PATH10200Basic Principles of GeneticsSemester Two5
PHYC10070Foundations of PhysicsSemester One5
PHYC10130Physics II Medical ScienceSemester Two5
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CHEM00010Introductory ChemistrySemester One5
CHEM10040The Molecular WorldSemester One5

     Stage 2   Information
(50 Programme Credits, 10 Elective Credits)
Core   Information  
BIOC20050Principles of BiochemistrySemester One5
BMOL20060Biomolecular Lab Skills 1Semester One5
BMOL20090Molecular Genetics and BiotechSemester One5
BMOL20070Biomolecular Lab Skills 2Semester Two5
BMOL20080Metabolism, Immunity&InfectionSemester Two5
PHAR20040Pharmacology:Biomedical SciencSemester Two5
STAT20070Data Modelling for ScienceSemester One5
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CHEM20090Chemistry for BiologySemester One5
FDSC20010Food MacronutrientsSemester One5
MDSA20010Gastrointestinal Tract and Liver BiologySemester One5
MDSA20030Endocrine BiologySemester One5
PHYS20050Cell-Cell CommunicationSemester One5
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FDSC20020Nutritional Energy MetabolismSemester Two5
MDSA20170Vascular BiologySemester Two5
NEUR20050Principles of NeuroscienceSemester Two5
PHYS20020Introduction to Neurophysiology and Endocrine PhysiologySemester Two5
PHYS30020Respiratory PhysiologySemester Two5
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MDSA20180Cardiac BiologySemester Two5
MDSA20190Renal BiologySemester Two5
MICR20050Principles of MicrobiologySemester Two5

     Stage 3   Information
(50 Programme Credits, 10 Elective Credits)
Core   Information  
BMOL30040Receptor-mediated cell signallingSemester One5
MEIN30240BioinformaticsSemester One5
PATH30080Disease Mechanisms & Pharmacological PrinciplesSemester One5
PHAR30020Endocrine, Renal and Reproductive PharmacologySemester Two5
RDGY30320Introduction to ResearchSemester Two5
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BIOC30030Biochemist's ToolkitSemester Two5
BMOL30050Genomics and ProteomicsSemester Two5
GENE30030Genetic Basis of DiseaseSemester Two5
GENE30040Introduction to Programming for BiologistsSemester Two5
MEMI30010Medical MicrobiologySemester Two5
PHYS30040Endocrine PhysiologySemester Two5
PHYS30190Experimental PhysiologySemester Two5
RDGY30520Medical Imaging (Clin/Res)Semester Two5
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CLIP30240Stem Cells in MedicineSemester One5
PATH30040GI/Hepatobiliary DiseasesSemester One5
PHAR30010Chemotherapeutic AgentsSemester One5
PHAR30060Central Nervous Systems DiseasesSemester One5
PHYS30160Control of Vascular ResistanceSemester One5

     Stage 4   Information
(60 Programme Credits, 0 Elective Credits)
Core   Information  
PATH40030Journal and Ethical ReviewSemester One5
PATH40220Research Project: BSc BiomedSemester One20
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PATH40020Clinical BiomarkersSemester One5
PHAR40030Advanced cardiovascular pharmacology: mechanisms and pharmacotherapy in atherothrombotic diseaseSemester One5
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BIOC40030Advanced Cell SignallingSemester Two5
BIOC40060Advanced NeurochemistrySemester Two5
BMOL40050Advanced Cancer Biology and PharmacologySemester Two5
GENE40030Advanced Mechanisms of Gene RegulationSemester Two5
GENE40040Model organism genetics: a modern experimental approachSemester Two5
GENE40050Human Genetics & DiseaseSemester Two5
MEIN40230Personalized MedicineSemester Two5
PATH30060Genetics, Perinatal and Paediatric DiseasesSemester Two5
PHAR40040Emerging therapies: Cloning, gene therapy and stem cellsSemester Two5
PHAR40050Drug Discovery and Development ISemester Two5
PHAR40060Advanced Renal Pharmacology: disease development and treatmentSemester Two5
PHAR40160Drug Discovery and Development IISemester Two5
RDGY30520Medical Imaging (Clin/Res)Semester Two5

Curricular information is subject to change