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Law with French Law (BHLAW003)
Degree : Civil Law (BCL) College : Social Sciences & Law
Level : Undergraduate Coordinator : Marie-Luce Paris
Credits Required: Stage 1:60  
Stage 2:60  
Stage 3:60  
Stage 4:60  

With this degree students gain a thorough grounding in Irish Law together with a general education in French Law.

     Stage 1   Information
(60 Programme Credits, 0 Elective Credits)
Core   Information  
FR10060French Grammar & ComprehensionSemester One5
FR10080Reading French ProseSemester Two5
LAW10050Constitutional Law: Institutional Framework of the Constitution of IrelandSemester One5
LAW10190Negligence and Related MattersSemester One5
LAW10300French Public Law 1Semester One5
LAW10340Contract: FormationSemester One5
LAW10420Legal and Professional SkillsSemester One5
LAW10060Constitutional Law: Fundamental Rights under the Constitution of IrelandSemester Two5
LAW10200Nominate TortsSemester Two5
LAW10350Contract: Vitiating Factors and RemediesSemester Two5
LAW10360General Introduction to the Irish Legal SystemSemester Two5
LAW10430French Private Law 1Semester Two5

     Stage 2   Information
(50 Programme Credits, 10 Elective Credits)
Core   Information  
FR20020French language II a: Grammaire et syntaxe françaisesSemester One5
FR20040French Language II b: Expression française écrite et oraleSemester Two5
LAW20330EU Constitutional LawSemester One5
LAW20350Introduction to French Civil Law - GeneralitiesSemester One5
LAW20370Property Law ISemester One5
LAW20390Criminal LiabilitySemester One5
LAW20340EU Economic LawSemester Two5
LAW20360Introduction to French Civil Law - Tort and Contracts LawSemester Two5
LAW20380Property Law II Semester Two5
LAW20400Criminal Offences and DefencesSemester Two5

     Stage 4   Information
(50 Programme Credits, 10 Elective Credits)
Core   Information  
LAW30630French Law DissertationSemester Two5
Options   Information  
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FR30310French Language 3a: Expression avancéeSemester One5
FR30320French Language 3bSemester Two5
LAW30010Banking LawSemester One5
LAW30060Equity: History, Doctrines, RemediesSemester One5
LAW30070Evidence - FoundationsSemester One5
LAW30190Media LawSemester One5
LAW30240Administrative Law: Grounds of ReviewSemester One5
LAW30300Criminology: Criminal Justice and PenologySemester One5
LAW30330Employment Law: Employment RightsSemester One5
LAW30400Matrimonial Law and ReliefsSemester One5
LAW30440Environmental Law and PolicySemester One5
LAW30470International Human Rights LawSemester One5
LAW30690Advocacy and MootingSemester One5
LAW30720Theory of Court PracticeSemester One5
LAW30740Intellectual Property LawSemester One5
LAW37410Human Rights EducationSemester One5
LAW37450English Public LawSemester One5
LAW37480Law, Gender & Sexual OrientatSemester One5
LAW37490Advanced International Law - The Law of the SeaSemester One5
LAW37530Financial Law of the EUSemester One5
LAW37570Insolvency LawSemester One5
LAW30090Revenue Law: Introduction to Revenue LawSemester Two5
LAW30160Evidence - Practice and PrinciplesSemester Two5
LAW30170Employment Law: the Contract of EmploymentSemester Two5
LAW30180JurisprudenceSemester Two5
LAW30230Overview of Law Relating to Creation and Administration of TrustsSemester Two5
LAW30290Administrative Law: Remedies for Unlawful Administrative ActionSemester Two5
LAW30310European Human Rights LawSemester Two5
LAW30360Consumer LawSemester Two5
LAW30380English Land LawSemester Two5
LAW30450Family and Child LawSemester Two5
LAW30460Industrial Relations LawSemester Two5
LAW30530Criminological TheorySemester Two5
LAW30610Commercial LawSemester Two5
LAW30700The Lawyer, Professional Ethics & Legal PracticeSemester Two5
LAW30820Private International LawSemester Two5
LAW37460Planning LawSemester Two5
LAW37510Sports LawSemester Two5
LAW37540Comparative Constitutional LawSemester Two5

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