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BComm (BHBUS020)
Degree : Commerce (BComm) College : Business
Level : Undergraduate Coordinator :

     Stage 3   Information
(60 Programme Credits, 0 Elective Credits)
Core   Information  
ACC20010Financial Accounting 2Semester One5
ACC30020Financial Accounting 3Semester Two5
BMGT20050International ManagementSemester One and Two5
BMGT20150Global Operations & SCMSemester Two5
ECON20010Intermediate Microeconomics ISemester One5
ECON30130Econometrics: Applying Statistics to Economic DataSemester One and Two5
ECON20020Intermediate MacroeconomicsSemester Two5
ECON20130Economic History: From the Middle Ages to the Second World WarSemester Two5
ECON30150International Money and BankingSemester Two5
FIN20010Principles of FinanceSemester One5
FIN30190Behavioural FinanceSemester Two5
STAT30240Linear Models ISemester One5

     Stage 4   Information
(60 Programme Credits, 0 Elective Credits)
Core   Information  
BMGT30300Business StrategySemester One5
FIN30030International Financial ManagementSemester One5
FIN30150Financial Economics ISemester One5
FIN30170Corporate Financial ManagementSemester One5
FIN30080Financial Institution ManagementSemester Two5
FIN30090Treasury and Risk ManagementSemester Two5
FIN30100Investment and Portfolio ManagementSemester Two5
FIN30160Financial Economics IISemester Two5
FIN30200Econometrics of Financial MarkSemester Two5
MIS30100Information ManagementSemester One5
Options   Information  
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ACC20020Management AccountingSemester Two5
ACC30060Financial Statement AnalysisSemester Two5
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BMGT30330Governing the Int.Business EnvSemester One5
BMGT30430Business and Global DevelopmentSemester One and Two5
BMGT30340New Venture Creation & DevelopSemester Two5
IA20020Introduction to Entrepreneurial EndeavourSemester One and Two5

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