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BComm (BHBUS014)
Degree : Commerce (BComm) College : Business
Level : Undergraduate Coordinator : Michael MacDonnell

     Stage 1   Information
(20 Programme Credits, 0 Elective Credits)
Core   Information  
ARCH1001JIreland - Landscape, Heritage and CultureSemester Two5
BDIC1001JCompendium of Chinese Modern HSemester One0
BDIC1002JMorality, Ethic Cultivation anSemester One0
BDIC1003JPhysical Education 1Semester One0
BDIC1022JLinear Algebra (BComm)Semester One0
BDIC1025JMaths (BComm) 1Semester One0
BDIC1026JMaths (BComm) 2Semester One0
BDIC1005JMilitary TheorySemester Two0
BDIC1006JMilitary TrainingSemester Two0
BDIC1007JPhysical Education 2Semester Two0
BDIC1027JMaths (BComm) 3Semester Two0
BDIC1028JMaths (BComm) 4Semester Two0
BDIC1018JCollege English (Band One) - BCommYear Long Module0
BDIC1019JCollege English (Band Two) - BCommYear Long Module0
BDIC1020JCollege English (Band Three) - BcommYear Long Module0
BDIC1021JCollege English (Band Four) - BcommYear Long Module0
MATH1002JIntroduction to Analysis (for Semester Two5
SBUS1002JPrinciples of Mangt & MktSemester Two5
SBUS1006JBusiness LiveSemester Two5

     Stage 2   Information
(40 Programme Credits, 0 Elective Credits)
Core   Information  
ACC1001JFinancial Accounting 1Semester One5
BDIC1016JPrinciples of MarxismSemester One
BDIC1033JProbability & Statistics BCommSemester One0
BDIC2004JPhysical Education 3Semester One0
BDIC2014JInt'l Prog English 2 (BComm) Semester One0
BDIC1004JAn introduction to Mao Zedong thought and the system of socialism with Chinese characteristicsSemester Two0
BDIC2003JSocial PracticesSemester Two0
BDIC2006JPhysical Education 4Semester Two0
BMGT1001JInside OrganisationsSemester Two5
ECON1001JPrinciples of MacroeconomicsSemester One5
ECON1002JPrinciples of MicroeconomicsSemester One5
MATH1004JFoundations for Financial MathSemester Two5
MIS1001JICT in BusinessSemester Two5
MIS2001JBusiness AnalyticsSemester Two5
STAT1003JData Anlys for Decision MakersSemester Two5

     Stage 3   Information
(60 Programme Credits, 0 Elective Credits)
Core   Information  
ACC2003JFinancial Accounting IISemester One5
ACC3003JFinancial Accounting IIISemester One5
BMGT2003JGlobal BusinessSemester One5
BMGT2002JGlobal Ops & Supply Chain MgtSemester Two5
ECON2002JIntermediate MacroeconomicsSemester One5
ECON3001JInternational Money & BankingSemester One5
ECON2001JIntermediate MicroeconomicsSemester Two5
ECON3002JApplied EconometricsSemester Two5
ECON3003JAdvanced MacroeconomicsSemester Two5
FIN2001JPrinciples of FinanceSemester One5
FIN3003JBehavioural FinanceSemester Two5
MATH2002JOptimization in FinanceSemester Two5

     Stage 4   Information
(60 Programme Credits, 0 Elective Credits)
Core   Information  
ACC2002JManagement AccountingSemester One5
BDIC3009JInternational Financial manageSemester One5
BDIC3013JFinancial Statement AnalysisSemester One5
BDIC3014JBusiness StrategySemester One5
BDIC3010JInvestment and Portfolio managSemester Two5
BDIC3012JFinancial Economics 2Semester Two5
ECON3004JCorporate FinanceSemester One5
ECON3006JFinancial Economics 1Semester One5
ECON3005JTreasury and Risk ManagementSemester Two5
ECON3007JEconometrics of Financial MarkSemester Two5
ECON3008JFinancial Institution MangtSemester Two5
MIS3001JDecision AnalyticsSemester Two5

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