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BBS Hong Kong (BHBUS008)
Degree : Business Studies (BBS) College : Business
Level : Undergraduate Coordinator : Orna O'Brien
Credits Required: Stage 1:60  
Stage 2:60  
Stage 3:60  

The Bachelor of Business Studies is a three-year degree programme offered in Hong Kong in association with Kaplan Higher Education. Students enter into Stage 2 on the basis of accredited prior learning (APL).
Every graduate should have/be able to:
Acquired a solid conceptual and practical understanding of business and organisational management
Developed the skills to apply the relevant business concepts and techniques to resolve multi-faceted business problems
Developed analytical, critical thinking and research skills to help facilitate life-long learning and demands for personal development and confidence building
Acquired the necessary technical, knowledge-application, communication, teambuilding skills consistent with the changing needs of modern business and organisational management
Shared a learning experience in which interactive class debate are major components
Developed the skills to communicate in a convincing, professional and informed manner, concepts, ideas, arguments, recommendations and solutions which contribute to the future development of national and global society

Curricular information is subject to change