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Economics & Finance (BHBUS004)
Degree : Bachelor of Science (BSc) College : Business
Level : Undergraduate Coordinator : Valerio Poti
Credits Required: Stage 1:60  
Stage 2:60  
Stage 3:60  

If you have a strong interest or ability in economics, maths or statistics, this programme provides everything you need for a professional career in the areas of banking and finance.

     Stage 1
(55 Programme Credits, 5 Elective Credits)

Core   Information  
ACC10040Financial Accounting 1Semester Two5
ACM10070Mathematical Modelling in the SciencesSemester One5
ECON10770Introduction to EconomicsSemester One5
ECON10020Principles of MacroeconomicsSemester Two5
FIN10670Introduction to FinanceSemester One5
MATH10130Introduction to Analysis for Economics and FinanceSemester One5
MATH10120Linear Algebra with Applications to EconomicsSemester Two5
MATH10140Advanced Calculus for Economics and FinanceSemester Two5
MIS10060Introduction to Business AnalyticsSemester One5
MKT10030Business in Society Semester One5
STAT10060Statistical ModellingSemester Two5

     Stage 2
(50 Programme Credits, 10 Elective Credits)

Core   Information  
ACC30010Tax in SocietySemester One5
ECON20060Irish EconomySemester One5
ECON30130Econometrics: Applying Statistics to Economic DataSemester One and Two5
ECON20020Intermediate MacroeconomicsSemester Two5
ECON20100Game TheorySemester Two5
FIN30250Corporate FinanceSemester One5
MATH20070Optimization in FinanceSemester Two5
MATH20180Foundations for Financial MathematicsSemester Two5
STAT20110Probability TheorySemester One5
STAT20100Inferential StatisticsSemester Two5
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ACC20010Financial Accounting 2Semester One5

     Stage 3
(50 Programme Credits, 10 Elective Credits)
Subject / Stream   Information
Mathematics and Statistics

Core   Information  
ECON30290Advanced MicroeconomicsSemester One5
ECON30130Econometrics: Applying Statistics to Economic DataSemester One and Two5
FIN30150Financial Economics ISemester One5
FIN30160Financial Economics IISemester Two5
FIN30200Econometrics of Financial MarkSemester Two5
FIN30240Applied Portfolio & Risk MangtSemester Two5

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