Undergraduate Programmes > BA (BHACS001)

Degree : Arts (BA) College : Arts & Humanities
Level : Undergraduate Coordinator : Joseph Brady
Credits Required: Stage 1:60  
Stage 2:60  
Stage 3:60  

In your first year (called Stage 1) you take 12 modules over two semesters; you can study 3 or 4 different subjects. You must study 2 subjects in '20 credit blocks', and then another one or two subjects in either one '20 credit block' or two '10 credit blocks'.

If you have entered through a denominated entry programme, you will already have a 20 credit block (for single subject entry) or 2 x 20 credit blocks (for combination subject area. You will need to select your remaining subject(s).

In the later stages of your BA programme you can take a single subject (Major), or you can take 2 subjects equally (Joint Major), or you can concentrate on one subject, but also have another subject (Major-Minor).

See below for the full list of subjects. Further details per stage will be displayed when browsing through subject. Please note that some subject combinations may not be possible, for timetable or other reasons.

Please note: Stage 4 joint majors listed below only apply to students completing the BA(International) programme in 2007/08.

Curricular information is subject to change