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Technology 1 (RDGY10120)
Credits 5 Subject Radiography
Level 1 School Medicine
Semester   Information Semester One Module Coordinator Dr Rachel Toomey

This module aims to introduce students to key physical principles underpinning x-ray production and interaction, and to the technical principles of equipment commonly used in general radiography. The content is designed to complement the Practice of Radiography modules running alongside it, and to develop a sound understanding of the equipment which they will expect to use in Stage 1 clinical practice modules. Learning is supported through practical labs.
Core topics include basic physics of the atom, heat and electricity; the constrtuction and function of the X-ray tube; X-ray production, beam spectrum and filtration; X-ray interactions with matter and image formation; automatic exposure control; anti-scatter grids; digital image detectors; exposure indicators; the digital image.

Curricular information is subject to change