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Fundamentals of Physiology (PHYS20060)
Credits 5 Subject Physiology
Level 2 School Medicine
Semester   Information Semester One Module Coordinator Assoc Professor Stuart Bund

This module is designed to provide an introduction to the functioning of normal mammalian tissues with an emphasis on human physiology where possible. The module begins with an overview of the generalised structure and function of cells followed by consideration of the primary tissues of the body (connective, muscle, nervous and epithelial tissues). Transport mechanisms across cell membranes and across epithelia and the form and function of a number of the connective tissues, i.e. the tissues which provide shape and strength to the body, will be explored. The mechanisms responsible for cell membrane potentials, including action potentials, will be described with particular emphasis on how those electrical properties contribute to the communication function of nerves and the contractile properties of muscles. Attention will be given to the content and function of blood including the form and function of the cells of the blood. Emphasis will be placed upon the relationship between tissue structure and function as appropriate.

Curricular information is subject to change