Philosophy of Mind (PHIL40010)
Credits 7.5 Subject Philosophy
Level 4 School Philosophy
Semester   Information Semester One Module Coordinator Dr Markus Schlosser

This course covers some of the main topics and theories in the philosophy of mind and in the contemporary philosophy of cognitive science. In the first part, we will address the mind-body problem, which concerns the relationship between mind and body. We will look at traditional answers, ranging from dualism to materialism, and at more recent views, such as functionalism, the computational theory of mind, and connectionism. We will also discuss the seemingly intractable problem of mental causation. In the second part, we will shift our focus to some of the issues that have been discussed more recently, and we will pursue empirically informed approaches. The topics and readings for this part are to be decided in class. Possible topics include the 'hard problem' of consciousness, the nature of intentionality and mental representation, social cognition, the emotions, the neuroscience of free will, or any of the 'four Es' (embodied, embedded, enactive, and extended cognition).

Curricular information is subject to change