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Interpersonal and Teamwork Skills: Personal and Professional Development. (NMHS20060)
Credits 5 Subject Nursing,Midwifery & Health Sys
Level 2 School Nursing,Midwifery & Health Sys
Semester   Information Semester One Module Coordinator Dr Gabrielle O'Kelly

Interpersonal relationships are central to human communication and endeavour. The ability to work well in a team is an essential skill for professional life today. This module is designed to enhance the student’s interpersonal and teamwork skills for personal and professional life. Topics include: values such as trust and respect, self-awareness, interpersonal communication and listening, team dynamics and challenges such as conflict and bullying.
Cooperative learning, which is designed to help the student to work at his/her best, whilst also helping others to work at their best, is implemented in this module. Students will work with their team members during lectures and on a short project outside of lectures. Teams may be expected to write up to 500 words together during class. The interactive dynamic of team work makes attendance essential.
Self and peer assessment will contribute to the final grade.

Curricular information is subject to change