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Health across the Lifespan (NMHS10100)
Credits 5 Subject Nursing,Midwifery & Health Sys
Level 1 School Nursing,Midwifery & Health Sys
Semester   Information Semester One Module Coordinator Ms Alison Clancy

The module aims to introduce students to the concept of health across the lifespan, the various ways in which health is understood and promoted. It examines aspects of the health of individuals and populations from birth to old age, with particular reference to health in Ireland, and discusses a range of factors that influence the health and well-being including psychological, social and cultural factors, and political and economic factors. Milestones and transitional periods in the lifespan such as birth, adolescence, middle and old age, are examined in detail. This module also provides a brief overview of the ways in which the health of individuals and populations are assessed and measured, with reference to health statistics, demographic data and social research. This module also looks at various factors that affect the health of individuals such as alcohol and drug abuse, smoking, sudden adult death syndrome, mental health and depression, eating disorders, cancer, and diabetes.

Curricular information is subject to change