Swahili General Purposes 1(CEFR A1.1) (LANG10380)
Credits 5 Subject Applied Language Centre
Level 1 School Applied Language Centre
Semester   Information Semester One and Two Module Coordinator Dr Anna Nunan

This module is for students who have no previous knowledge of Swahili and offers an introduction to the language and culture of the Swahili-speaking world. The aim is to enable students to develop competence in a range of everyday tasks in Swahili. The module will focus on oral communication and on acquiring essential listening and speaking abilities. Students will also develop and practice basic reading and writing techniques. The stimulus material (oral, aural and written) will provide an introduction to Swahili grammar and syntax and will contribute to giving the students an insight into aspects of Swahili life and culture. This module will be delivered via small group teaching with classes having a maximum of 18 students. Students will also have access to extra resources and materials via Moodle, the ALC's Virtual Learning Environment.
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