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Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (DEV20130)
Credits 5 Subject Development Studies
Level 2 School Politics and Int Relations
Semester   Information Semester Two Module Coordinator Professor Patrick Walsh

In this module we examine the most topical and pressing sustainable development challenges. We do this through an examination of the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda. We start the course by asking what the SDGs are, whether they can be achieved. We then move on to consider key areas related to the 17 different SDGs, covering the most relevant academic and policy debate. Topics include; Measuring Sustainable Development, Poverty Dynamics, Famine, Income Inequality, Health, Education, Gender, Partnership, Industrial Development, Cities, Forests, Oceans, Water and Climate Change. This course adopts a multi-disciplinary perspective that will be of interest to students in all disciplines, including Politics, Economics, History, Sociology, Law, Public Health, Medicine, Geography, Engineering, Anthropology and Agriculture. Throughout the course students are set tasks and forced to ask questions of the material they are presented. Class participation and active learning is emphasised throughout. To get a better feel for the course take some time to look at the readings which can be found on Blackboard. The course is accessible to those with little or no social science background and will be useful to a number of future career paths - not just those interested in development work. As the world becomes ever more closely integrated a good understanding of the developing world is increasingly valuable and important.

Curricular information is subject to change