Introduction to Relational Databases and SQL Programming (COMP40725)
Credits 10 Subject Computer Science
Level 4 School Computer Science
Semester   Information Spring Module Coordinator Assoc Professor Richard Veale

Collection, organisation and storage of data are major tasks in many human activities and in every modern computing system. Computer-based information systems ensure that this data is permanently maintained, quickly updated and made accessible to users. Databases are essential components of computerised information systems. This is a module for all students interested in understanding how to design, develop and query databases. In this module, students will learn the fundamentals of database models, database designing methodologies, database querying and database normalisation theory. They will learn details about the relational database model, relational database query languages (relational algebra, SQL, PL/SQL), the entity-relationship model for database design, Third and Boyce-Codd Normal Forms. From a more practical point of view they will gain experience in building a relational database using industry standard database management systems. Students will find these skills very useful in the development of any application requiring the storage and manipulation of data.

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