Topics in Cognitive Science I (COMP40280)
Credits 7.5 Subject Computer Science
Level 4 School Computer Science
Semester   Information Semester Two Module Coordinator Assoc Professor Fred Cummins

This module will cover a variety of recent and sometimes radical approaches to understanding core topics in cognitive science, but that do not fall within the field of computational theories or information processing theories. Embodied and Enactive theories of cognition will be the principal focus, but the module will introduce these in the context of several other important strands in contemporary cognitive science. Topics covered may include Extended Minds, Embodiment, Ecological Psychology, Enaction, mind and life, and the relationship between individual and collective accounts of cognition. Together these topics span the emerging field of post-cognitive theory. Classes will consist of group discussions of material students have read in preparation. Sample materials can be viewed at

Curricular information is subject to change