Introduction to Computer Forensics (COMP20130)
Credits 5 Subject Computer Science
Level 2 School Computer Science
Semester   Information Autumn Module Coordinator Dr Mark Scanlon

This course is an introduction to computer forensics and security. Students are only required to have basic ICT skills to take this course. The course covers the following topics.:
1. Types of cybercrime including:
a. Malware: viruses, trojans, worms, adware etc
b. Online criminality - Hacking, phishing, auction fraud, common scams
c. Illegal content: child pornography; Copyright violation:software/music/movie piracy
2. Personal computer security - best practice: Anti-virus software, firewalls,automatic upgrades, email attachments; wireless security
3. Introduction to computer forensics - preserving and analysing digitalevidence; disk imaging; electronic data recovery;
4. Crytography & Steganography
5. Legal aspects: Data Protection; data privacy
6. Safe online behaviour: chat, instant messaging, social networking, unsafeweb sites.
7. What to do in the event of computer crime.
Lecture attendance is MANDATORY as much of the learning is derived from group work in the lectures.

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