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Statistics Joint Major (SAJ1)
School: Mathematics and Statistics

If you are interested in doing an Internship as part of Stage 4, you must indicate your interest now (in Stage 3).
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     Stage 3   Information
(50 Programme Credits, 10 Elective Credits, Area Notes )
Core   Information  
STAT30010Time SeriesSemester One5
STAT30020Survey SamplingSemester One5
STAT30080Models - Survival ModelsSemester One5
STAT30270Statistical Machine LearningSemester Two5
STAT40380Bayesian AnalysisSemester Two5

     Stage 4   Information
(60 Programme Credits, 0 Elective Credits, Area Notes )
Core   Information  
STAT30090Models - Stochastic ModelsSemester One5
STAT40400Monte Carlo InferenceSemester One5
STAT40150Multivariate AnalysisSemester Two5
STAT40510Applied Statistical ModellingSemester Two5
Options   Information  
Select MIN 2 OF:   [Show Rule Details]
ACM20030Computational ScienceSemester Two5
MATH30340Peer-Assisted TutoringSemester One5
MATH20180Foundations for Financial MathematicsSemester Two5
STAT40020Actuarial Statistics ISemester One5
STAT40620Data Programming with RSemester One5
STAT40800Data Prog with Python (online)Semester One5
STAT40880Research Project ISemester One and Two5
STAT40070Actuarial Statistics IISemester Two5
STAT40080Nonparametric StatisticsSemester Two5

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