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Physics Stage 1 (PYC1)
School: Physics

Physics is about the fundamental laws of the universe that govern living as well as non-living systems. It is a fundamental science involving a deep understanding of nature derived from mathematical and experimental insights. Advanced lecture modules are offered that cover core areas of Physics such as Quantum Mechanics, Nuclear Physics, Elementary Particle Physics, Condensed Matter Physics and General Relativity and also include electives in areas such as Astrophysics, Applied Optics, Biophysics, Environmental Physics and Medical Physics. Recent Physics graduates have pursued careers in industry (electronics, computers, telecommunications), hospitals (medical imaging, nuclear medicine, radiotherapy), government and semi-state services, national laboratories, banking, finance, insurance and academic research. Related fields in which physicists find employment include geophysics, chemical physics, biophysics, computer science and materials science and the energy sector.

     Stage 1   Information
(50 Programme Credits, 10 Elective Credits, Area Notes )
Core   Information  
PHYC10080Frontiers of PhysicsSemester Two5
SCI10010Principles of Scientific EnquirySemester One5
Options   Information  
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ACM10080Applied Maths: Mechanics and MethodsSemester One5
PHYC10070Foundations of PhysicsSemester One5
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ACM10060Applications of Differential EquationsSemester Two5
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ACM10060Applications of Differential EquationsSemester Two5
PHYC20080Fields, Waves and LightSemester One5
PHYC20030Thermal Physics and MaterialsSemester Two5
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PHYC10050Astronomy & Space ScienceSemester One5

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