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DN530 BA Humanities Celtic Studies, Art History & History (CCS1)
School: Art History & Cultural Policy

The BA Humanities is an innovative, interdisciplinary four-year programme that combines multiple subjects to provide coherence and depth to student learning within nine carefully structured pathways. Taught by expert academics in the Arts and Humanities, the BA Humanities programme offers both intensive training in particular disciplines and unique skill sets that are developed by bringing together subjects that and relate closely to each other. Students will gain essential life and employment skills, including critical, analytical and creative thinking, and expert communications, while learning how to be adaptable and flexible in preparation for employment in a dynamic work environment.

This interdisciplinary Celtic Studies, Art History and History pathway provides an opportunity to study issues ranging across these three fields. The core of this pathway will see students examine the history, literature, language and culture of the Celts across the centuries. It will challenge students to develop their critical thinking and evaluation skills as they develop understanding and an appreciation of the complexities of ideas, societies, cultures, languages and art. Students on this pathway will gain the transferable skills and interdisciplinary competencies most highly valued by organisations in the cultural and heritage sector and education sector, by employers in archives, media, journalism, museums and galleries, and by a wide range of private and public sector employers.

     Stage 1   Information
(55 Programme Credits, 5 Elective Credits, Area Notes )
Core   Information  
AH10050European Art 1 - Giotto to MichelangeloSemester One5
AH10030Art and the Modern World: Impressionism, Independence and Intransigence in 19th century Art.Semester Two5
AH10060European Art 2: Caravaggio to TurnerSemester Two5
CAHH10010The Celtic World TodaySemester One5
CCIV10010Introduction to Celtic CivilizationSemester One5
CCIV10040Vikings in the Celtic WorldSemester One5
CCIV10030The British CeltsSemester Two5
HIS10070The Making of Modern Europe: 1500-2000Semester One5
HIS10390Creating HistorySemester One and Two5
HIS10080Rome to RenaissanceSemester Two5
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AH10070Dublin: Its Museums and CollectionsSemester Two5
EMIR10010Introduction to Early Irish ISemester One5
HIS10310Ireland's English CenturiesSemester One5
HIS10320From Union to Bailout: Imagining Modern Ireland, 1800-the presentSemester Two5
WEL10010Introduction to Welsh Language & Culture ISemester One5

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