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DN500 BA Joint Honours FT (BAU1)
School: Prog.Office - ArtsHum&SocSci

UCD's two subject degree in Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences is the most popular degree in Ireland. Internationally recognised as a top quality degree from a world-class university taught by expert academics. The path chosen by generations of Irish and international leaders in business, administration, the arts and the media. Valued by employers at home and abroad for the quality of its graduates. Obtain essential life and employment skills, including critical thinking, analysis and communication, and learn how to be adaptable and flexible in a changing business world. Explore and access the expertise of UCD Alumni by participating in career mentoring facilitated.

In your first year (called Stage 1) you take 12 modules over two semesters i.e. 60 credits; you can study 3 or 4 different subjects. In order to qualify to progress in a given subject you need to have taken and passed at least 10 credits (please note some subjects have additional progression rules. See below). We strongly recommend that you take 20 credits in at least one subject; many students take a further 20 credits in a second subject.

The remaining 20 credits can be used to explore other subjects in a variety of ways; take more credit in the subjects already chosen, take a fourth subject or take two electives.

If you have entered through a one subject degree, (eg Economics (DN510) or English with Drama (DN5120) you will be pre-enrolled to at least 20 credits in your chosen subject You will then need to select your remaining subject(s).

From September 2013, Stage 2 students on the BA Programme can take a single subject (50 credit Major), although this only applies to certain subjects, or you can take 2 subjects equally (Joint Major: 25 credits in each subject).

Please note that subject specific progression requirements can be found through the Programme Office website.

See below for the full list of subjects. Further details per stage, including progression, will be displayed when browsing through each subject. Please note that some subject combinations may not be possible, for timetable or other reasons.

Curricular information is subject to change