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DN250 Agricultural Science - Omnibus (UAS1)
School: Agriculture and Food Science

If you are interested in science, the environment, the food you eat, the urban and rural landscape, or the latest agricultural technologies, this degree is for you.

In your first year (called Stage 1) students take a common programme and choose their degree option at the end of the first year. This is a good option if you are not sure which specific option or subject area you wish to take to degree level.

Stage 1 is listed below for Stage 2 options please select each subject area individually by DN code.

     Stage 1   Information
(50 Programme Credits, 10 Elective Credits, Area Notes )
Core   Information  
BIOL10010Animal Biology and EvolutionSemester Two5
BIOL10030Cell and Plant BiologySemester Two5
CHEM00020Introductory Chemistry Semester One5
CHEM10010Introduction to the Chemistry of BiomoleculesSemester Two5
MATH10230Mathematics for Agriculture I Semester One5
PHYC10180Physics for Ag. ScienceSemester One5
RDEV10020Information SkillsSemester One5
RDEV10030Introduction to Agricultural Economics and BusinessSemester One5
Options   Information  
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AESC10010Land Use and the EnvironmentSemester One5
ANSC10010Introduction to Animal ScienceSemester One5
BSEN10010Biosystems Engineering Design ChallengeSemester Two5
FDSC10010Food Diet and HealthSemester One and Two5
FOR10020Trees and Forests in IrelandSemester One5
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BSEN10010Biosystems Engineering Design ChallengeSemester Two5
CPSC10010Introduction to Crop ScienceSemester Two5
FDSC10010Food Diet and HealthSemester One and Two5
HORT10020Plants and PeopleSemester Two5
RDEV10040Introduction to Food and Agribusiness ManagementSemester Two5

Curricular information is subject to change