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DN201 Computer Science (CSSA)
School: Computer Science

This programme is for new entrants that commenced Computer Science in September 2015. Continuing Computer Science students can view their major here, CSS1.

If you are interested in doing an Internship as part of Stage 4, you must indicate your interest now (in Stage 3).
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     Stage 1   Information
(50 Programme Credits, 10 Elective Credits)
Core   Information  
COMP10030Algorithmic Problem SolvingSemester One5
COMP10040Introduction to Computer ArchitectureSemester One5
COMP10070Formal FoundationsSemester One5
COMP10110Computer Programming ISemester One5
COMP10130Computer Science in PracticeSemester One5
COMP10050Software Engineering Project 1Semester Two5
COMP10120Computer Programming IISemester Two5
MATH10210Foundations of Mathematics for Computer Science ISemester Two5
MATH10220Foundations of Mathematics for Computer Science IISemester Two5
Options   Information  
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MATH00010Introduction to MathematicsSemester One5
MATH10200Matrix AlgebraSemester One5

     Stage 2   Information
(50 Programme Credits, 10 Elective Credits)
Core   Information  
COMP20010Data Structures and Algorithms ISemester One5
COMP20020Digital SystemsSemester One5
COMP20070Databases and Information Systems ISemester One5
COMP20110Discrete Mathematics for Computer ScienceSemester One5
COMP20250Introduction to JavaSemester One5
COMP20040Data Structures and Algorithms IISemester Two5
COMP20050Software Engineering Project 2Semester Two5
COMP20180Intro to Operating SystemsSemester Two5
COMP20190Intro to Functional ProgrammingSemester Two5
MST20050Linear Algebra IISemester Two5
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MATH10200Matrix AlgebraSemester One5

     Stage 3   Information
(50 Programme Credits, 10 Elective Credits, Area Notes )
Core   Information  
COMP30030Introduction to Artificial IntelligenceSemester One5
COMP30040Networks and Internet SystemsSemester One5
COMP30060Program Construction ISemester One5
COMP30070Object-Oriented ProgrammingSemester One5
COMP30080Processor DesignSemester One5
COMP30010Foundations of ComputingSemester Two5
COMP30020Computer Graphics ISemester Two5
COMP30050Software Engineering Project 3Semester Two5
COMP30690Information TheorySemester Two5
MATH20150Graphs and NetworksSemester One5

     Stage 4   Information
(60 Programme Credits, 0 Elective Credits)
Core   Information  
COMP30170Computer Science ProjectYear Long Module15
Options   Information  
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COMP30190Program Construction IISemester One5
COMP30220Distributed SystemsSemester One5
COMP30240Multi-Agent SystemsSemester One5
COMP30250Parallel and Cluster ComputingSemester One5
COMP30260AI for Games and PuzzlesSemester One5
COMP30330Compiler ConstructionSemester One5
COMP30520Cloud Computing (UG)Semester One5
COMP40010Performance of Computer SystemsSemester One5
COMP40370Data MiningSemester One5
COMP41690Designing and developing mobile apps with AndroidSemester One5
COMP47490Machine LearningSemester One5
COMP30110Spatial Information SystemsSemester Two5
COMP30230Connectionist ComputingSemester Two5
COMP30540Game DevelopmentSemester Two5
COMP30720Ethical Computer HackingSemester Two5
COMP40020Human Language TechnologiesSemester Two5
COMP40600Multimedia Security and Data HidingSemester Two5
COMP40660Advances in Wireless NetworkingSemester Two5
COMP47390Mobile App Dev - Cocoa TouchSemester Two5
COMP47480Contemporary Software DevelopmentSemester Two5
MATH30180An Intro to Coding TheorySemester Two5

Curricular information is subject to change