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Exploring Archaeology (ARCH10010)
Credits 5 Subject Archaeology
Level 1 School Archaeology
Semester   Information Semester One Module Coordinator Dr Meriel McClatchie

Archaeology explores how people in the past created and inhabited worlds that were often very different from our own. Archaeologists can gain unique insights into the human condition by investigating the material remains from past societies, enabling new understandings of what it is to be a person in many different cultural contexts. This module will give you a general introduction to this exciting and engaging subject, enabling you to understand basic archaeological principles, methods and techniques. We will explore how archaeologists reveal the past – investigating how people lived, how they created and used objects, what they ate, what they looked like, and what happened at the end of their lives. The module is taught by 12 lively and well-illustrated lectures, 12 small-group tutorials, one class fieldtrip to a prehistoric landscape (held on a Saturday in early October) and one class visit to a museum, all providing you with practical opportunities to investigate ancient landscapes, objects and materials yourself. Exploring Archaeology is a useful module for students from across all subjects in the university, in particular arts and humanities, social sciences, earth and life sciences, medicine, veterinary studies, engineering and architecture.