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Experimental Archaeology (ARCH30240)
Credits 5 Subject Archaeology
Level 3 School Archaeology
Semester   Information Semester Two Module Coordinator Professor Aidan O'Sullivan

Experimental Archaeology involves the creation of objects, buildings, activities and contexts, through which ideas about people's lives in the past can be thought about in practical terms. How were houses and buildings constructed, occupied and abandoned and can we gain insights into the social, ideological and symbolic organisation of domestic space? How were objects made and what knowledge, materials and skills were required? What was the impact of human activities on soils and the environment - what happens when sites were abandoned - and can we reconstruct past agricultural and industrial technologies so as to create a better understanding of them? This module will adopt an innovative approach to understanding past technology, materiality and environments and will utilise imaginative and stimulating teaching and learning approaches - using web 2.0, videos, TV shows and other media. Students will attend some lectures, but will be mostly involved in practical workshops and sessions and will be assessed by their own design, management and analysis of archaeological experiments.