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Undergraduate (Level 8 NFQ , Credits 180 )
If you are interested in people, you will be interested in studying sociology – its study of society and social life seeks to explain why people act and behave the way they do. It studies the different human groups to which people belong: families, social classes, religions, neighbourhoods, nations and races. Sociologists are interested in how these groups influence what people do and say, and, at the same time, how individuals change the nature of these groups through the way they act. Sociology combines theoretical analysis and empirical research.
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How do I apply?

For EU students, please apply via MyUCD. The following entry route(s) are available:
Description ENTRY Duration Application Opening Date APPURL
Sociology(BAU5) - Undergraduate Degree (Non EU) Entry in
Full Time - 3 Year(s) Apply from -
Oct 2019
Sociology(BAU5) - Access Progression Pathway Entry in
Full Time - 3 Year(s) Apply from -
Feb 2020
Sociology students attend lectures and participate in seminar discussions. They also undertake independent study, including reading and writing about sociological ideas and issues.

Assessment is generally a combination of continuous assessment and end-of-semester written exams.
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Sociology provides an excellent grounding for a wide range of careers in such areas as:

  • Social research and policy analysis
  • Journalism
  • The media
  • Civil Service
  • Business

    It also leads to a wide range of graduate study opportunities in the social sciences generally. The School provides a general MSocSc in Sociology, as well as specialised programmes in Health, Well- Being & Society, and Global Migration & Cultural Differences.
  • Sociology students at UCD can avail of international exchange opportunities in universities in Europe and around the world. Currently, Erasmus opportunities exist in Belgium, France, Italy, Norway and England. Non-EU exchanges may include the USA, Australia and Korea.