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HIS21070 - Australian History (Credit)* - 2017

This module surveys the history of Australia since colonisation, and considers how key moments in Australian history have been remembered and debated in the public domain. Drawing upon contemporary commemoration, memorial and museum practices, its themes include: the history and memory of early European exploration and colonisation; the agency of indigenous people in national history; the frontier experience and race relations; the transition from self-governing colonies to federated nationhood; histories of migration; experiences of war; the shift to multiculturalism; and the changing nature of Australian identity in a globalised world. In doing so, it will compare representations of Australian history with other nations of the Anglo settler world, and consider some of the ways in which historical imagination is shaped both within and beyond Australia.

Dates Time Venue/Location Fee €
25 Jan 2018 to 26 Apr 2018 13:00 Belfield


Semester 2

Level 2

Lectures: Thursdays 13 - 14
Seminars: To be selected


If you are taking this module for credit, please take note of the dates below:

Term dates for revision:  Saturday, 28 April - Sunday, 6 May             

Term dates for exams:    Tuesday, 8 May – Saturday, 19 May

Open Learning Fee (audit only) €350 per module

Open Learning Fee (with assessment) €500 per 5 credit module

 Upgrading from audit to credit:  You may upgrade from being an audit student to a credit student up to three weeks into term.  Please note, however, that you can't change back to being an audit student - if you decide not to complete the assignments and/or sit the exams, this will appear on your academic record.

There are no concessions available for Open Learning modules.

Refunds may in some instances be available for extenuating circumstances, such as serious illness, within two weeks of the start of the module.  Requests for refunds must be submitted in writing, with supporting documents where appropriate.

Prof Amanda Nettlebeck