UCD Champions - Changing Futures

UCD graduates have been coming together to get behind an amazing initiative that is changing more and more lives for the better each year. It’s called UCD Champions – Changing Futures and is designed to help students like Conor by providing scholarships to help pay for essentials such as food, transport, books and course equipment. 


The UCD Champions campaign was inspired by graduate feedback. Without the support of our alumni, many of these students would not have had the chance to follow in their footsteps and attend UCD. UCD values the principles of equality and fairness and we believe that ability alone and not ability to pay should determine a student’s future. ‚Äč


Despite the initial success of this campaign, two in every three scholarship applicants were turned down last year due to lack of funds. With a new term having started and a record number of applicants, there is an urgent need to secure €300,000 by October 31st to fund 100 new scholarships and ensure we stay on track to at least maintain our current number of scholars. 


Your support will help change a student’s life forever.


Thank you.