UCD Champions Opening Doors Alumni Fund

The devastating truth that Mairéad couldn’t afford to go to university came crashing in on her when she became homeless after her father died suddenly two years ago.

 “Since then I have been living in and out of homeless accommodation with my mother and little brother. It is something that I tried to hide from my friends in school because I felt worthless and embarrassed and thought that I would have no future because of my inadequacy.”

A large number of students from disadvantaged backgrounds like Mairéad were eligible for a UCD Champions Scholarship this year, but because of a lack of funding, 60% did not receive support. We cannot let this happen again.

For many young people in Ireland today, going to university is simply not an option. In DEIS school areas throughout Ireland, only 12% of students progress to third level**. That’s on average: for many schools the number is even lower. However if you attended secondary school in Dublin 6, you would have a 99% probability of going on to 3rd level education*.

From an early age, the odds of students like Mairéad going to university are drastically reduced simply because of where they are from. How is that right, or fair?

That is why we are asking you: will you join your fellow classmates and other UCD Champions and give a deserving student like Mairéad the gift of a third-level education? Please consider making a monthly donation of €25 – or whatever you can afford towards our UCD Champions Opening Doors Alumni Fund?

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*Source: Higher Education Authority (HEA),Consultation Paper Towards the development of a new National Plan for Equity of Access to Higher Education, 2014 – 2017.

**DEIS (Delivering Equality of Opportunity in Schools) is a Department of Education and Skills programme, supporting schools in areas of high disadvantage.

Picture posed by model and aspects of story changed in order to protect student identity. All funds raised go towards supporting the student experience through scholarships, library books and other essential student facilities and supports. 0% is spent on administration costs.