Title: Bachelor of Social Science Graduate Scholarship
Award Type: Scholarship
Programme Description:
Long Description: Up to two postgraduate students (with the highest GPA score) who achieve an overall GPA of 3.68 in the BSocSc and the four-year BSocSc (International) and who are proceeding to higher degrees at this University may be awarded scholarships of €2,540 per annum. Subject to acceptance on a course and to satisfactory compliance with the normal requirements for completing a course, the scholarships are tenable for a maximum of two years' consecutive full-time (or four years consecutive part-time) study in the case of the Diploma or the Master's Degrees in the College of Human Sciences listed below, a maximum of three years’ consecutive full-time study in the case of the PhD and a maximum of three years’ full-time (or six years consecutive part-time) study, with consecutive registration, in the case of a student who pursues a Master's Degree immediately followed by the PhD in the areas covered by the degrees listed below (any extension to this will be subject to review by the College Principal). The Social Science Programme Board may also consider other Graduate Degrees or Higher/Graduate Diplomas offered within the College of Human Sciences as being suitable in individual circumstances.

• Master of Arts
• Master of Education
• Master of Equality Studies
• Master of Guidance and Counselling
• Master of Social Science
• Master of Library and Information Studies
• Master of Development Studies
• Professional Diploma in Education

Subject to the approval of the College Principal of the receiving College, the scholarships may also be tenable during full-time study of a Masters or PhD programme in another College in University College Dublin. Renewal of the scholarship will be conditional on satisfactory progress reports from the academic supervising the student.

To qualify for a postgraduate scholarship, a student must have achieved a minimum GPA of 3.68 in their degree.
Value: 2,540