Title: Caroline Walsh Bursary in Creative Writing
Award Type: Scholarship
Programme Description:
Long Description: This award is to commemorate Caroline Walsh, former Literary Editor of the Irish Times and alumna of UCD (BA 1973 and MA 1974). It is intended to celebrate especially her love of literature and gift for mentoring aspiring and established authors. The award, with a value of approximately €6,300, will be granted to the best Irish/EU graduate of the UCD MA in Creative Writing to enable her/him to take the UCD MFA in Creative Writing programme as a full-time student.
Note: the MFA is not currently offered to part-time students.
• Irish/EU students who have successfully completed the UCD MA in Creative Writing
• Acceptance on the UCD MFA in Creative Writing
• Academic excellence in Creative Writing
• Substantive portfolio of work
• Strong current or prospective publication record
• Evidence of contracts with publishers for work in progress
• Promising career trajectory as a writer

The award will be made on the basis of an application process as follows:

Applicants must submit:
• A letter of application detailing reasons for taking the MFA in Creative Writing and outlining future trajectory and plans as a writer
• Portfolio of published work and work in progress
• Curriculum vitae

The school invites applications to be submitted to the Director of the MFA programme.
For 2015/16, the closing deadline for receipt of complete applications is by no later than 1 July 2015. The bursary will be awarded contingent on the student having completed the MA to satisfaction (in the case of applicants from current MA in Creative Writing programme).
Value: 6,300