Title: Carthy Business Plan Award
Award Type: Award
Programme Description:
Long Description: Over its 64-year history, the School’s objective has been to educate graduates who are technically, environmentally, ethically and socially aware and who have the capability to work to the highest engineering and managerial levels in industry. Graduates from the School have played vital roles in the development of a strong and prosperous Irish chemical and bio/pharmaceutical

Mark Carthy, a UCD Chemical Engineering Graduate from the Class of 1982, and now Managing Partner, Orion Healthcare Equity Partners, Boston, USA, has, offered a prize fund for the “Best Business Plan” In response, the School introduced a new option module for the students enrolled in the ME Programme in Chemical & Bioprocess Engineering. This module, CHEN40660-CBE Business Plan covers the preparation of a Business Plan. The key components of a business plan are covered including objectives, marketing, financial models, regulatory aspects, financing and cash flow, business plan troubleshooting and presentation of the plan to stakeholders in investors. The module coordinator is Prof EoinCasey, assisted by Dr Eoin Syron, both of whom have businessexperience whilst also being full time members of faculty.

Chemical & Bioprocess Engineering students, enrolled in CHEN40660, working in groups of (typically) four, undertake a
business plan project. The Carthy Award (€1500 per project) is awarded to the best business plan as judged by the academic
Value: 1,500