Title: UCD-Intel Masters Scholarships
Award Type: Scholarship
Programme Description:
Long Description: Intel Ireland Ltd. has signed a grant agreement with UCD Foundation and has committed to funding 48 students in Engineering and Science: 12 students per year for the 2020-2023 period at €3,000 each. The total amount being €144,000.
This unified award will replace the existing Intel Masters Student Scholarships in the College of Engineering and Architecture, and the Intel Masters Student Scholarships in the College of Science.
There are a number of reasons for this new award. From Intel’s perspective this is a new grant agreement that replaces both of the previous scholarships. It also reduces Intel's workload regarding student selection and provides a common platform for their interaction with Engineering and Science and helps ensure diversity and inclusion by pooling all applicants together for shortlisting.

The new award will include the following Masters programmes offered by UCD Engineering:
- ME Mechanical Engineering
- ME Materials Science and Engineering
- MEngSc Materials Science and Engineering
- ME Chemical and Bioprocess Engineering
- ME Electronic & Computer Engineering
And from the College of Science:
- MSc Nanomaterials Chemistry (School of Chemistry)
- MSc Nanotechnology (School of Physics)
- MSc in Computer Science (School of Computer Science)
These programmes were selected by Intel from the full list of Level 9 programmes in the two colleges.

Value: 3,000