Title: Convery Medal for Environmental Policy
Award Type: Medal
Programme Description:
Long Description: The Convery medal has been struck in honour of Frank Convery, who served as Heritage Trust Professor of Environmental Policy at University College Dublin between 1981 and 2009 and, amongst several management positions at the University, served as founding Director of the UCD Earth Institute. Frank was educated at University College Dublin and the State University of New York obtaining degrees in forestry and resource economics. Prior to taking up his post at UCD, he was Assistant and then Associate Professor of Natural Resource Economics at Duke University, USA and Research Professor at the Economic and Social Research Institute, Ireland. Shortly after retirement from UCD, Frank took up the post of Chief Economist at the Environmental Defence Fund in New York. Frank Convery’s passion throughout his academic career was in the area of environmental policy innovation and transfer, that is to say, using the fruits of academic research to inform better policymaking for environmental improvement. He was a pioneer in bringing environmental economics to Ireland in the early 1980s and he was a leader in Europe into research on the use of market-based instruments in environmental policymaking, including leading early work that informed the establishment of the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme. Frank has been active on a number of EU wide investigations and bodies, including membership of the Science Committee of the European Environment Agency, advisor to the European Commissioner for the Environment and, in an exceptional honour, Life-President of the European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists. He has written extensively on resource and environmental economics issues with particular reference to agriculture, forestry, energy, minerals, land use, urbanisation, environment and development in developing countries.

The Convery Medal is awarded for outstanding academic achievement by a graduate student in the area of environmental policy. Such academic achievement is likely to be evidenced by one of more of the following: an outstanding assessment of research work in the form of the thesis or published work and/or an outstanding graduate degree classification or GPA. Further guidance can be obtained from the Chair of the Convery Medal Committee.
The Medal is not necessarily awarded each year and may, in exceptional circumstances, be awarded to more than one student in a year. In order to be eligible for consideration, a UCD student, graduand or graduate of the University must be nominated in the strictest confidence by a member of the academic staff of the University. The proposer should briefly set out their belief as to why the candidate may be worthy of the award and provide documentary evidence to support the assessment, for example, student grades, thesis, academic papers, curriculum vitae. Having made their decision, the Committee will inform the proposer of the outcome and, in the case of a decision to award, will inform the Head of School, the School Committee and the candidate. A bursary may also be awarded subject to funding.