Module Details for the Academic Year 2017/2018

MKT40500 Managing Sales Relations

In today's global competitive environment, the successful sales and marketing manager is a leader guided by strategic vision, a customer value creation philosophy and interpersonal competencies in equal measures. At the same time, managers and business leaders who do not have sales or marketing responsibilities require deep insights into their firm's customers and the relationships they have with the firm. This module takes a strategic slant toward sales and marketing issues, particularly emphasising the issue of organisational alignment. It introduces participants to the managerial challenges of successful customer relationship building and maintenance in the sales and marketing areas. It will provide students with the necessary tools to implement an organisational structure for strategic customer management, placing particular emphasis on how sales, marketing and other company divisions can be integrated to increase customer value. This module is recommended for students who are currently holding or aim to hold general management, sales or marketing positions in any industry ranging from manufacturing to professional services and public organisations. During this module we will reflect on both the context of small to medium sized enterprises and on larger firms in a variety of business-to-business industries and in a global environment.
At the conclusion of the course you should be able to:
1. Appreciate how a strategic customer focus shapes sales and marketing activities;
2. Discuss how organisational strategy can be enhanced by a customer relationship-based approach to sales and marketing management;
3. Design a template for customer-centric sales programmes given specific sets of internal and external variables;
4. Evaluate the impact of recruitment, training, compensation and control tools on sales force effectiveness, customer relationships and customer value.
5. Build synergies between marketing, sales and other departments for strategic customer management.
Item Workload
Autonomous Student Learning 53 hours
Specified Learning Activities 48 hours
Lectures 24 hours
Description FINAL Timing
Continuous Assessment :Individual case memos and reflective readings 60% of Final Grade Unspecified
Group Project :Group project at the end of the module 40% of Final Grade Coursework (End Of Semester)
Resit Opportunities

In-semester assessment


If you fail this module you may repeat, resit or substitute where permissible 
Recommended - Principles of Marketing or Marketing Management introductory course.

Curricular information is subject to change

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