Module Details for the Academic Year 2017/2018

HRM40060 Strategies for Human Resources

Human Resource Management is concerned with the management of people in organisations. Strategies in Human Resources is designed to introduce students to the major policies, issues and debates currently focusing academic study and management practice in the field. The module has a number of major learning objectives: to foster an understanding of the origins of HRM as a distinctive approach to the management of employees, to provide students with a thorough knowledge of approaches to HRM by paying particular attention to practice in leading-edge companies, to develop an understanding of the main HR policies and techniques, to develop an understanding of how companies may seek to develop consistent HR strategies, comprising cohesive and mutually reinforcing sets of policies, to consider how HR strategies are influenced by and influence the competitive strategies pursued by companies; and finally, to develop an awareness of theoretical and practical debates and differences of view among academics and HR practitioners as to the effects of different HR policies and their links with competitive strategies.
On completion of this module students will be expected to be able to:1. Demonstrate an in-depth understanding of the key complexities and tensions associated with the management of the employment relationship. 2. Demonstrate an understanding of the managerial issues around the development of new remuneration systems, employee voice systems, the management of staff flows and the organisation of work.3. Demonstrate an understanding of the means by which HR management policies might be integrated with wider business strategy development.4. Demonstrate an understanding of the reasons why sophisticated HR strategies are developed and resourced in some organisations but not in others.5. Demonstrate an understanding of the conditions for the successful implementation of HR strategies.6. Possess the appropriate analytical skills for the development and implementation of effective human resource policies in the context of wider business strategies. 
Item Workload
Autonomous Student Learning 60 hours
Specified Learning Activities 42 hours
Lectures 24 hours
Description FINAL Timing
Attendance :Attendance, Class Participation and debate 10% of Final Grade Throughout The Semester
Examination :End of Semester Written Examination 60% of Final Grade 2 Hour End Of Semester Exam
Group Project :Group assignment 30% of Final Grade Unspecified
Resit Opportunities

In-semester assessment


If you fail this module you may repeat, resit or substitute where permissible 

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