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BMGT43940 Business & Society

This module highlights the ethical undertones of business choices and encourages students to thoughtfully consider the relationships and obligations that exist between business professionals, enterprises, and society. The module relies on cases, scenarios, and experiential activities to engage students in recognizing the ethical aspects of business situations, diagnosing the ethical dilemmas and tensions embedded in these situations, and developing action plans that best fulfill ethical principles and business requirements. This course asks students to go beyond the role of a passive observer and evaluator of others’ choices, and instead to project themselves into the business situations under consideration in order to analyze the tensions of these situations and also propose solutions they are willing to implement and defend.

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1.Critical thinking about the responsibilities of business leaders and enterprises to broader society.

2.Alertness to the myriad ethical tensions inherent to management choices and sensitivity to the numerous organizational, cultural, and psychological processes that complicate idealism.

3.Demonstrated facility with prescriptive (i.e. what people ought to do) and descriptive (i.e. what people usually do) aspects of ethical decision making.

4.Sharpened ability to develop and implement action plans that integrate ethical, organizational, and business considerations while taking into account the affected stakeholders.

5.Reflection and communication of personal values and constraints to enactment.
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Group Project: Presentation and report (Group assessment)


Presentation: Presentation (Individual assessment)




This module is not passable by compensation

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In-semester assessment


If you fail this module you may repeat, resit or substitute where permissible

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