Module Details for the Academic Year 2017/2018

BMGT42770 Entrepreneurship

This module is designed to introduce participants to entrepreneurial thinking and action generally, and the creation of new ventures specifically. Although the focus is on starting new commercial ventures it will also be relevant to starting social enterprises and new lines of business in existing companies (intrapreneurship). The course will cover major theoretical and conceptual issues in the entrepreneurship research literature and show how they apply in a variety of contexts. Students will generate their own new business ideas, have them critiqued and vetted by the ‘ideas marketplace’ of fellow participants, develop the best ideas collaboratively in small teams, and undertake the initial phases of bringing them to market, including considerable interaction with potential customers.
At the end of the course, participants will be able to:
• Outline major theories and concepts from the entrepreneurship literature and relate them to practical applications in a variety of settings
• Identify and demonstrate the characteristics of successful entrepreneurs
• Deal with uncertainty, risk and failure – and grow from the experience
• Demonstrate diagnostic skills and a conceptual framework for new venture creation problem solving
• Forge ideas into workable business concepts and test them in the marketplace
• Develop tested concepts into business plans that can attract the resources needed for market entry
Item Workload
Specified Learning Activities 55 hours
Autonomous Student Learning 46 hours
Lectures 24 hours
Description FINAL Timing
Continuous Assessment :Individual and group assignments involving idea generation and development, research, critique and reflection, via written reports and presentations 100% of Final Grade Throughout The Semester
Resit Opportunities

End of Semester Exam


If you fail this module you may repeat, resit or substitute where permissible 
Curricular information is subject to change

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