ProfCert Digital Methods & Data Literacy

UG Certificates & Diplomas (level 8 nfq)

Module Coordinator: Professor Gerardine Meaney 

Lecturers/Facilitators: Prof. Gerardine Meaney; Dr. Karen Wade; Dr. Anna Kadzik-Bartoszewska; Dr. Derek Greene; Dr. Maria Mulvany; Siobhan Grayson.

Technical Requirements

To participate in this online programme, students should have access to: 

  • A PC/laptop with up-to-date operating system
  • High Speed Broadband
  • Camera for the virtual classroom and working microphone


  • Introduction to Digital Methods and Data Literacy 
  • Digital Methods 1: Publishing in Blog Format
  • Digital Methods 2: Literary Social Network Analysis
  • Digital Publishing and Exhibitions
  • The Art of the Podcast: Creating Audio Content
  • Digital Projects 
  • Digital Mapping
  • Introduction to Working with Data 
  • Digital Storytelling 

Course Length: 8 weeks (Monday March 1st Friday 23rd April) 25 hours of blended synchronous/asynchronous learning.

Class Days: Mondays and Thursdays evenings: 5pm - 7pm*.

Please note, some live classes will begin at the earlier time of 4pm.



Curricular information is subject to change

Full Time option suitable for:

Domestic(EEA) applicants: Yes
International (Non EEA) applicants currently residing outside of the EEA Region. No

This programme is intended for applicants who have recently graduated with an undergraduate degree in any discipline and are not currently enrolled in another full time programme. The aim of the course is to enhance the skills and career prospects of graduates, particularly in non-STEM subjects through training in digital skills and critical data literacy. No prior IT training is required. 

This Professional Certificate is for people interested in enhancing their digital competence and building their capacity to interpret data. It will familiarize students with basic machine reading techniques in subject areas that do not traditionally offer technical expertise. The course will enhance the career prospects of students across a broad range of disciplines by equipping them with strong, practical digital skills and increasing their capacity to critically evaluate digital media resources and work with data relevant to their academic discipline and beyond. Students will benefit from a range of practical workshops on topics such as digital mapping, the art of the podcast, digital storytelling and literary social network analysis taught by experts in humanities and computer science. As part of this certificate, students will be supported in learning how to plan, create and publish their own digital project.

    • Enhanced digital competence, including introductions to digital storytelling (blogging, podcasting).
    • Ability to understand and produce basic data visualisations, basic machine learning and digital tools.
    • Ability to practically apply knowledge gained during the course to complete digital assignments and to use digital tools to research, create and showcase an individual digital project. 
    • Basic project planning, time-management and realistic goal-setting to achieve project outcomes. Students will create an individual digital project, evaluate resource materials and identify and use appropriate tools to deliver it.
    • Recognize and use appropriate copyright citation and licensing for newly created digital projects/works.
    • Learn digital communication strategies appropriate to a given work environment, and the ability to communicate research effectively.
    • Strengthen skills in online research, study and writing.
    • Strengthen your capacity to work independently and collaborate with peers and mentors and gain experience and skills as part of creating your digital project.

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    Once applications have been submitted and assessed, the successful candidates will be notified and admitted to the course. 

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    Further inquires to:

    Dr Maria Mulvany 


    The following entry routes are available:

    Professional Cert Digital Methods & Data Literacy Jan FT (Z267)
    2 Months
    Full Time
    Rolling *

    * Courses will remain open until such time as all places have been filled, therefore early application is advised