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POL50070 Quantitative Methods I (CORE) (TCD)

Introduction to the use of data for statistical analysis in political science. The module will introduce concepts such as measurement, variables, statistical data, and provide an introduction to basic descriptive statistics summarizing numerical data, both graphically and numerically. It will introduce the basics of statistical inference, drawing conclusions about populations on the basis of sample data, using the basic operations of hypothesis tests and regression analysis. Foundational knowledge of frequentist and Bayesian statistical inference will be provided and the end result will be basic ability to perform multiple regression analysis, both with continuous and with dichotomous dependent variables.

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- basic understanding of working with R and RStudio
- being able to summarize and describe statistical data
- solid understanding of frequentist statistical inference
- basic understanding of Bayesian statistical inference
- basic understanding of executing and interpreting multiple regression
- preliminary understanding of logistic regression
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