POL42040 Gender & the Political System

Academic Year 2021/2022

This modules introduces students to key issues in gender and the domestic political system. The module includes introductory theory, explores how political institutions are gendered, asks whether the gender of our political representatives matters, what tools are used to improve the gender balance in political institutions and what are the normative arguments regarding the use of these positive action measures.

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Curricular information is subject to change

Learning Outcomes:

• To thoroughly familiarise students with cutting edge academic research in the broad area of gender and political institutions.
• Allow students to connect theoretical debates on gender and politics with real-world political issues & policymaking, focusing on comparing different countries.
• Allow students to assess the normative and practical arguments for different methods of increasing women's participation in politics.
• Develop students’ independent research capabilities.
• Enhance students’ writing skills.
• Develop oral presentation skills.
• Enhance teamwork skills.

Student Effort Hours: 
Student Effort Type Hours
Seminar (or Webinar)


Autonomous Student Learning




Approaches to Teaching and Learning:
All teaching and learning activities will require students to link theories of gender and politics to specific empirical cases.
Through discussions, presentations, and essay writing students will examine how scholarly research on gender and politics can inform and deepen our understanding of contemporary political events.
They will also be encouraged to apply their learning to a diverse range of empirical cases in order to fully develop an understanding of the benefits and limitations of using scholarly research to analysis the operation of real-world political institutions.
Participants will also be expected to prepare thoroughly for each of the classes, particularly engaging with core readings, and to allocate a substantial amount of time to the completion of assessment work. 
Requirements, Exclusions and Recommendations

Not applicable to this module.

Module Requisites and Incompatibles
Not applicable to this module.
Assessment Strategy  
Description Timing Open Book Exam Component Scale Must Pass Component % of Final Grade
Essay: List of essay questions and further details will be provided on the course outline. Unspecified n/a Graded No


Presentation: Group presentation which examines how academic research on gender and politics can help us to gain a better understanding of a contemporary political development. Throughout the Trimester n/a Graded No


Carry forward of passed components
Resit In Terminal Exam
Spring No
Please see Student Jargon Buster for more information about remediation types and timing. 
Feedback Strategy/Strategies

• Feedback individually to students, post-assessment
• Group/class feedback, post-assessment

How will my Feedback be Delivered?

In line with university regulations feedback will be provided within 20 days of the deadline for submitting the assignment. Further details provided on the course outline and in class.