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PHIL40010 Consciousness,Agency &the Self

This course covers central issues in the philosophy of mind and action. We begin with a brief overview of the main positions on the mind-body problem: dualism, physicalism, and functionalism. Then we turn to questions and theories about consciousness: the "hard problem" of consciousness, philosophical theories, scientific theories, conscious agency and free will. In the final part we turn to the notion of the self. We consider accounts of the "minimal self" and the "narrative self", and we investigate the role of the self in agency.

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Students who successfully complete this course will have (1) a good grasp of central issues in the philosophy of mind and action (2) engaged critically with some of the most important views and arguments in those areas, and (3) developed independent arguments and views on some of the issues discussed. 
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Continuous Assessment: Reading questions


Throughout the Semester
Essay: 5000 words


Varies over the Semester
Presentation: Class presentations


Varies over the Semester


This module is not passable by compensation

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In-semester assessment


If you fail this module you may repeat, resit or substitute where permissible.

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This course is suitable for students with no background in philosophy of mind.
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