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COMP2007J Principles of Computer Organiz

This module provides an introduction to computer organisation in order to allow students to understand what is happing at a low level within a computer. After examining the development history and evolution of the digital computer, the module primarily focuses on the fundamental components of a modern computer system. This includes processor, memory (both internal and external), I/O, and the organisation and interconnection of these components. Emphasis is placed on the performance benefits that can be gained from various organisational decisions, along with tradeoffs that are often required in designing a computer system.

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On completing this module, students will be have gained an understanding of the fundamental components of a computer system (processor, memory, I/O), what their respective functions are and how they are interrelated. They will also demonstrate an understanding of how the overall performance of a computer is dependent on the organisation and interconnection of these fundamental components. 
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End of Semester Exam


If you fail this module you may repeat, resit or substitute where permissible.

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