DN530 BA Humanities European, English & World Literatures (AYS3)

The BA Humanities is an innovative, interdisciplinary four-year programme that combines multiple subjects to provide coherence and depth to student learning within nine carefully structured pathways. Taught by expert academics in the Arts and Humanities, the BA Humanities programme offers both intensive training in particular disciplines and unique skill sets that are developed by bringing together subjects that and relate closely to each other. Students will gain essential life and employment skills, including critical, analytical and creative thinking, and expert communications, while learning how to be adaptable and flexible in preparation for employment in a dynamic work environment. The European, English and World Literatures pathway develops an in-depth understanding and a questioning of the literary and intellectual legacies of European languages, including English. Students will look at the ways in which these literatures have impacted, and continue to impact, beyond their countries of origin as well as the relationship between writing and place, examine how other cultures respond to key/global issues, and assess how languages encode and challenge cultural identities. Students will read English and one of the modern languages (French/Spanish/Italian/German).

Curricular information is subject to change

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UCD Arts & Humanities Programme Office,
Newman Building,
Dublin 4
Tel: +353 1 716 8321/8102
Web: www.ucd.ie/ahss
Stage 1

Students are pre-registered to 7 core modules (35 credits). Students should then choose 1 modern language block (20 credits) and 1 elective module (5 credits).

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